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21 POP

Experiential Design

Stanlee R. Gatti

San Francisco’s annual FOG Fair at Fort Mason celebrates today’s creatives and contributors to the worlds of design and visual arts, with extensive programming alongside artwork, international galleries, and design dealers.  In 2020, we designed and installed Seeing Things, once more working with celebrated designer Stanlee R. Gatti . The theme for 2020 was about vision and perspective: Building upon an eye, and thinking through the vantage point of the viewer, we designed a hyper-creative trade show booth that was more art experience than “booth.” 

21POP: Cut It Out is an installation by celebrated designer Stanlee R. Gatti dedicated to “craft by hand.” One Hat One Hand has worked to bring 21 Pop’s pop-up galleries to the forefront of Fog Design+Art for years, offering playful centerpieces to the design event.

Pop-Up OpArt


Design by Stanlee Gatti. 

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