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Mosaic Materials HQ

Workplace Design

One Hat One Hand

Mosaic Materials leverages its exclusive metal-organic frameworks to effectively extract impurities, such as CO2, from gas mixtures. This innovative carbon capture startup collaborated with One Hat One Hand to craft an inspiring and tranquil workplace environment tailored to the needs of its team, comprised of scientists, researchers, and managers.

One Hat One Hand envisioned an interior design rich in captivating and thematic elements that encapsulate Mosaic Materials' direct air capture (DAC) approach. Our primary objective was to create this space using eco-friendly materials and processes, prioritizing sustainability whenever feasible.

From the moment one steps inside, visitors are welcomed by a striking rock sculpture embedded with magnetite This sculpture serves as a symbol of Mosaic's unique metal-organic framework (MOF) technology, an exclusive adsorbent material that functions as a high-capacity molecular sponge for selectively capturing CO2.

Throughout the workspace, subtle hexagonal motifs, symbolizing Mosaic Materials' technology, serve as constant reminders of the mission-driven significance at the core of Mosaic Materials. Collaborative areas and a sunlit, joyful workspace foster cooperation and innovation.

A world-class workplace design for a climate change startup.


We would like to thank the following partners for helping us to arrive at a very special place to do important work and research:

Blue Rise Ventures

Baker Hughes

DES Architects

and Dville Construction..

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