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Museum Kiosks

Experiential Design


The team at SFMoMA approached us to build a furniture element for The Chronicles of San Francisco to interact with the exhibit. Kiosks allow visitors to listen to and immerse themselves in the diversity of residents represented in the art. Beginning with their concept sketch, we designed two large pieces to work with the space, and also house several tablets and speakers. The tablet interfaces needed to be low profile and at an angle (to avoid visitors resting on the face); and the pieces needed to bend within the room. Working with compound angles was an exercise in design engineering, fine woodworking, and tech integration, all for a high-traffic environment.

Using 3D-modeling to create a handcrafted look in solid wood, we executed digitally with CNC in an assembly-line approach, creating efficiencies in fabrication. We used precision-milled solid maple and quality veneers; for parts that couldn't be realized digitally, we leveraged woodworking for hands-on customization.

Take a seat to see the faces of San Francisco


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