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The Jesse Desk

Product Prototyping

Fennie+Mehl & One Hat One Hand

Fennie + Mehl partnered up with us for a fun project and a great cause.  From a design perspective, the Fennie+Mehl and One Hat One Hand Charity solution is an industrial design and technological answer to today's changing world of education in a digital divide. Our solution reimagines and transforms an iconic classroom desk into a comfortable, durable and mobile classroom.

The reimagined desk is a go-anywhere work surface that allows for both traditional writing and digital connectivity. The Jesse desk flips open to reveal a tablet to connect the teacher and experience a classroom lesson online.  The QR code introduces an Augmented Reality mode of learning to transport our students into an immersive learning environment which allows for group learning and greater connection to their classmates. 


The Jesse Desk produced collaboration with Fennie+Mehl.

Category: Flash Tech

San Francisco Design Week 2022 2022 Jessy Desk

In collaboration with Fennie+Mehl

2021 Charity Most Useful Product

2021 Jessy Desk, Charity Design Competition In collaboration with Fennie+Mehl

2021 Highest Value Piece

2021 Jessy Desk, Charity Design Competition In collaboration with Fennie+Mehl

Chairity is an annual event combining the forces of architects, designers, fabricators and other volunteers to auction off experimental design solutions in order to raise money for our community. Since 2017, Chairity has raised over $299,035 for our local community partners who are dedicated to change.

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