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Garrett Daniells


Garrett Daniells is a creative tradesman with a range of lived and learned experience ranging from; Construction and installation of art, craft, and fixtures for galleries, museums, boutiques and more. A Joker of all trades for your studio renovation, gallery prep, or complex suspended installation. An electric wizard for your Neon sign needs or AudioVisual multimedia masterpiece. Cowboy carpenter ready to wrangle plywood into fixtures, cabinetry, or displays.

Daniells studied industrial arts and metal sculpture in high school and early college, pivoted to art and art history and engineering design and drafting. He’s worked on numerous projects in the greater Bay Area, Sierras, and large projects in Oregon and New Mexico and is in perpetual wanderlust for building in the great beyond.

Daniells is a Renaissance boy with interests in art and music and tinkering with machines and currently lives in Oakland but was born and molded in the silty loam soils of Stockton, California.

Garrett Daniells
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