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Jonjon Selin

Project Foreman

With 20 years of experience in the construction trades, Jonjon Selin is an expert in every facet of residential and commercial construction.

From Apprentice to Owner/Operator, he has traveled a unique and varied path through the trades.Aside from operating his own residential remodeling company, Jonjon has managed a wide variety of operations, including large community building projects, high-output commercial kitchens, small groups of skilled craftsmen, and a 25-person punk rock marching band. An expert in constructability, timeline management, and unexpected problem solving, Jonjon’s ability to turn vision into reality is like butter on bread.

Building relationships through transforming spaces is what he loves the most.

“Working as a team means traveling the road of life together. Treating each other real good along the way keeps the sun out all day and gives us shade at just the right moment.”

Jonjon Selin
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