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Kat Goff

Finish Department Supervisor

Kathleen Goff brings world-class expertise as a sculptor, muralist and painter. Her career spans event production, permanent display, public art, prototyping and even toy design. Having worked with clients from inception in clay through wax and resin, Kat brings an extraordinary passion for perfection to our client's projects.


Kat's personal artworks, especially sculptures, can be found around the world in zoos and museums. Her passion for the natural world shines through in realistic and skilled artworks. Art takes hard work, passion, and curiosity.  

With a commitment to learning new techniques and mastering new materials, Kat is driven to make great art. Kat has worked in a wide variety of creative environments with multiple media to meet the needs of diverse clients producing works that range from the most scientific and technically accurate to the most audacious and fun.

Kat Goff
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