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Kow Kao

Designer, Project Manager

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Ming-Hsuan Kao / Kow is an artist, designer and explorer. Affectionately known as Kow at One Hat One Hand, she is a fiercely creative and competitive artist with world-class three-dimensional design, printing and fabrication skills.

Kow carefully moves artistic projects through the design process while always thinking about the eventual outcome, the viewer’s experience, the emotions art evokes and the pragmatic aspects of large physical structure fabrication.

Trained as an architect, her work seeks to answer how Placemaking with great art can soothe the soul, make connections and add greater harmony in life.

Her installations and exhibitions, including jury award-winning designs, have been displayed at the California College of the Arts.

Kow recently completed Envisiage, a Public Art Sculpture for Premia Capital, Designed and fabricated by One Hat One Hand.

Kow Kao
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