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Paulie Anne Duke

Designer, Project Manager

Paulie Duke excels at crafting experience design, events, commercial interiors, creative production and placemaking. She has worked with Fortune 500’s most recognizable companies to innovative cutting edge indie designers. Best known for their work at the intersection of human experience and commerce, she is currently excited about the expansion of technology within the subtle interaction of commercial and residential spaces.

Paulie Duke started working in production and design as a teenager and has continued to hone her skills over the decades. She’s lived and worked across the globe from—New York to Taipei. Paulie spent the early stages of her career as an internationally touring Installation artist. As a result, Paulie’s creative direction is infused with a unique special and experiential awareness. She is now based in Oakland, California—where she resides with her dog Grits. Makes a mean chicken stock while listening to world music from the 1960's.

Paulie Anne Duke
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