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Roary Racquel


Roary Racquel excels at the creative visualization and planning process of design; working to breathe life into pre-production designs and building dreams into reality. With strong roots out of Local 22 Carpenters Union, Local 16 IATSE, and in the process of joining Local 800 Art Directors Guild; Roary Racquel enjoys working with multiple unions while also serving her community with private clients. Roary enjoyed working on the new windmill for Outside Lands at One Hat One Hand. She has helped share her knowledge and experience on commercial job sites and believes safety culture is a key priority. Roary has been a part of physically building affordable housing to serve the people in a positive way through Local 22, San Francisco Carpenters Union, and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. 

She holds a BS in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production; she has worked her way to come out strong as an aspiring Production Designer/ Art Director. Through set building and production design; Roary discovered her love for construction, building, and fabrication. She has worked on television Netflix Series and feature films on the construction team, as a bench worker, set decorator, and prop maker. 

Presently she is continuing her education in design and is in the process of achieving welding and rigging certifications. Roary Racquel is up for any challenge, new mediums, and futuristic approaches to assist adventures One Hat One Hand travels to next. 

Roary Racquel
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