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Shawn Lytle


Shawn Lytle didn't want a bio and certainly not a headshot. If you look carefully at each of our installation photos, you'll see him and quickly notice his ubiquity. When we asked some of our staff about Shawn, you hear that Shawn was your first friend when you started working at One Hat One Hand. His calming nature and kindness make him the frequent go-to for help, guidance and expertise.

We've heard tell of stories of his past. Some say he was a roadie for famous bands, something about life on the road or maybe he was a pirate ship captain - we're still determining. What we can tell you is we've seldom met such a hardworking gentleman, a teacher, a beloved Dad & Husband, a life coach, an artisan, a guide and a true craftsman like Shawn.

Shawn Lytle
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