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Bellwether Coffee

Workplace Design

Bellwether, a coffee-roaster startup, selected our firm to design their headquarters. One of the important aspects of the design for Bellwether Coffee was to tell the unique bean-to-mug journey through the interior experience. 

As you move through the space, the journey from mountain growing, through processing and roasting are told in details such as custom wallpaper, controlled lighting, and gathering spaces meant for meaningful conversations. Programming requirements included a very special kitchen experience for thoughtful cupping lessons as well as sound-proof rooms for confidential conversations, huddle spaces, and even a suite for overnight guests. An important part of maximizing the space was to balance both wow-factor first impressions and highly functional furniture built for growth, expansion, and multipurpose uses such as classes and team meetings. 

Caught a buzz: High-touch design for a future-focused coffee roaster


Photos by Sandra Gar. Video by Matt Barkin.

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