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One Hat One Hand Design Services Team

One Hat One Hand is who you call when you’re looking for experience, empathy and brave souls who will support you and invest in your vision. We understand what it means to build big things that have never been done before.

Much of the work we do at One Hat One Hand is design, design development and design refinement. Bring us your sketches, macabre, and models or send us your exports and renderings. Our incredibly creative in-house designers and artists will help you figure out the path to the installation. We’ll take the time to estimate a realistic budget, understand your programming requirements and timelines and then install your vision. 


Our One Hat One Hand in-house design studio includes experts in Architecture, Industrial Design, Fabrication, Public Art, Interior Design, Sculpture and dozens of mediums in which we craft our own personal artworks. We can help you finalize designs, understand engineering requirements, build to code, transport and install your vision. We’ll help you make it a piece of cake.

Please! Tell us more! We have a handy-dandy estimate request form that will kick things in motion.

Design Services & Expertise 

If you're looking for a service and don't see it, please reach out. If we don't have the expertise, we can probably point you in the right direction.

In-House Expertise

Architectural Placemaking

Workplace Design

Fine Art Design & Consulting

Public Art Planning and Programming

Project Management

Industrial Design

Experiential Design

Design Permitting

Project Scheduling

Project Costing

Really Technical Stuff

3D Design
Augmented Reality Design & Clash Detection
Real-time Rendering Previsualization

Immersive Virtual Reality

CAD Modeling
(all programs)

Parametric Design

Structural Engineering

Engineering Custom Electronics

Integrated Tech

Available on Request




Dad Jokes

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Coffee Talks

Drawing and Doodling



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Peer Critique


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