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Color of Horizons

Public Art

Dana Hemenway

"The Color of Horizons" is a site-specific, suspended light sculpture by Bay Area artist Dana Hemenway, installed at San Francisco International Airport. Dana applies craft techniques – such as weaving and macramé – to utilitarian objects, effectively transforming the object’s value beyond its functionality.  

The project includes materials like rope, extension cords, circline bulbs, and ceramics. For this sculpture, we needed to ensure not only that the lighting functioned within the art, but that the enclosure that housed the sculpture met the building standards of the airport. We started with a series of sketches and 3D prints to test the connection transition between the extension cords to the bulbs; then worked into small-scale prototypes before moving to full-scale mockups.

Traditional Craft Woven into a Grand Chandelier


San Francisco Arts Commission, the San Francisco International Airport.

Photo and Videos by Allen Meyers and Michael Cochran.

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