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Dancing Wall

Workplace Design

Built in collaboration with Rapt Studio

Bright, colorful, interactive, and branded. This interactive LED Wall consisting of 2,400 individually addressed LEDs and Kinects welcomes visitors to Lending Wall. The design requirements for this project included finding just hte right materials, lights, cameras, controllers and mourning systems to ensure a great finished project. 

We experimented with many types of LEDs and diffusers before settling on high-watt sequenced RGBs covered with spherical diffusion caps. Our crew painstakingly set and wired over 2,400 individual bulbs. The next step was creating color separation within the light grid, so we started running MDF through our router to see what might work. Several shapes and depths were tried, until we had a sloping square that the light would fill but not bleed out of.

Lending Club Interactive LED wall. Let's dance!


Built in Collaboration with Rapt Studio. Video by Noah Hussin.

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