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Public Art

Jenny Sabin Studio

Architectural designer Jenny Sabin and her team at Jenny Sabin Studio, known for elegant sculptures and installations inspired by nature, science, and technology, worked with One Hat One Hand to create a mesmerizing sculpture for the Google Bay View Campus, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Heatherwick Studio.

The 40-foot high form, dubbed Eddy, is inspired by the characteristics of the local biomes, translated into a structure that carries a lightweight gossamer assembly of fabric components, a white stretch membrane of fabric, and a bespoke pattern in different interactions and densities.

The sculpture communicates with a weather station on the roof of the building, which broadcasts data in light throughout the tower.

A new way to see how the wind blows.


We would like to thank art curation partner Burning Man Project for their guidance with a highly complex project constructed in a rapid timeline.

Video and Photography Michael Cochran.

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