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Everywhere a Color

Public Art

Leah Rosenberg

Everywhere a Color is a San Francisco International Airport installation by Leah Rosenberg, referencing the colors that people would see in San Francisco: The grays of Karl the Fog; International Orange of the Golden Gate Bridge; dark green for the dinosaur kale you’d find at a Farmer’s Market.  Leah chose the colors, and we selected materials, testing acrylics, mirrors, and other surfaces. 

After building a grid for the color layout, we systemized the build out of panels in readily available material in 3 common widths. From there, we planned how to prefabricate, disassemble and reassemble for the airport. We knew installation at SFO would be complex, so we made a mockup of the airport wall in our studio to simulate the onsite conditions. Airport requirements meant the piece had to be fire and seismic rated; stamped by an engineer; and meet archival standards.

Check out Leah's inspirational Tedx Talk

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