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I am the wheel

Public Art

Windy Chien

Meet I AM THE WHEEL by artist and author Windy Chien. Selected by the San Francisco MOMA to participate in the 2022 Soapbox Derby, Windy partnered with One Hat One Hand on a four-wheeled journey of art and adventure.

Windy Chien works at the intersection of function, design, history, and aesthetics to illuminate what is most fascinating about knots: the journey of the line. Her sculpture ranges in size from a knot that can fit in the palm of a child's hand to majestic, room-sized installations.

Prior to the big race, One Hat One Hand engineered and welded the go-cart and then delivered the dome to Windy to weave her intricate macrame magic in preparation for the big day. Windy’s design for a knotted rope dome required engineering and fabrication for function and safety as well as a whimsical interpretation of her goals and dreams. 

Knot your average go-cart. Get in! We're going for a wild ride.


Additional support provided by the SFMOMA and the SFMOMA Public Engagement Department.

Photos and Video: Michael Cochran.

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