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Mondrian meets the Beatles

Public Art

Kota Ezawa

Artist Kota Ezawa wanted to represent an iconic moment: when the Beatles landed at JFK for their first US tour in 1964. In understanding Kota’s overall vision, we had flexibility in how to build the dimensional painting, bringing the bandmates to life. Kota gave us his concepts and vectors, and we made adjustments based on panel sizes and seaming, changing details so it could work with the materials and installation parameters. We decided to make the assembly process slightly visible, to give an idea to viewers for how the layers were mounted together.

The logistics around installations in the airport can be challenging.  Delivering oversized pre-assembled panels requires security clearance and smooth passage.  In order to achieve this, we fabricated custom carts that enabled a secure transition from cart to wall, using a spider crane for installation.

1964 San Francisco

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