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Peralta Junction

Architectural Plaemaking

Marcus Guillard, Chrisray Collins, Bunnie Reiss

Peralta Junction was a collaborative project in an abandoned lot in an underserved Oakland neighborhood. Our goal was to engage with the community through art and entertainment. We created an interactive carnival midway and music venue and worked with artists from the area to design and construct an immersive space with a vintage aesthetic that was nostalgic as well as novel. Peralta Junction was open to the public at no charge, and ran for 8 weekends over the summer. After that summer, we helped the neighborhood turn the lot into a community garden.

This was an unusual project for us, as we typically create art for clients ourselves, and having the opportunity to create art for and with our community directly was an extremely gratifying experience. 

Peralta Junction still exists and is packed up in storage. Please contact us to discuss renting or helping us find a permanent home.

A high-end folk art theme for a magical traveling carnival


Photos by John Curley, courtesy of SF Gate.

Designed, built, installed, staffed, produced, coordinated by One Hat One Hand with additional art direction and production management by Leslie Pritchett, Jessy Brown and featuring the art of Bunnie Reiss.

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