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Polymorphic Duo

Public Art

Shrine, Marcus Guillard

Offset by the blue California sky, a duo of polymorphic temple structures invite you to experience light and art from different angles and perspectives. Polymorphic Duo, a collaboration between Artist Marcus Guillard and the artist Shrine takes viewers on a journey inspired by geodesic form, crystalline geometry, and decorative ornamentation. Viewers standing within the temple-like structures will marvel at how light travels through colorful handmade crystal and resin panels.

The process at One Hat One Hand moves from Artists’ sketches to our Design department for architectural rendering and often to virtual reality for pre-visualization before developing shop drawings and fabrication. Polymorphic Duo is an outstanding example One Hat One Hand’s unique ability to help artists, public art commissions, cities, and developers to think through logistics and understand what it takes to go from concept to completed installation.

A kaleidoscope of light, art and friendship.


Video and Photography Michael Cochran.

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