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The Flying Mountain

Public Art


One Hat One Hand collaborated with internationally renowned Artist Shrine to create The Flying Mountain. This 40-foot talisman sculpture, located in the center of a vast clearspan space, creates a focal point for inhabitants of the building for both wayfinding and a deeper spiritual meaning.

Shrine is a muralist and installation artist known for large-scale temples that are hand-painted and adorned by trash and found objects. His visionary art practice is a progressive, spiritual and social stance demonstrating his desire for sustainable living. Shrine refers to his confluence of global art projects as the Empire of Love as ritual and a movement.

Fabrication and construction took place at One Hat One Hand’s 35,000 sq. foot studio. From design and pre-visualization through welding and assembly, we prepared the perfect palette for Shrine to apply painting, assemblage, and folk art brush stroke decoration and recycled objects he is known for.

Talisman of the empire of love.


We would like to thank art curation partner Burning Man Project for their guidance with a highly complex project constructed in a rapid timeline.

Video and Photography Michael Cochran.

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