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Imagine. Design. Build.

One Hat One Hand is a specialty General Contractor, Licensed in California. Were' known as one of the top public art fabrication companies that also specialize in design-build and fit-out work. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists, welders & technologists work with artisans, architects, developers & builders to create large-scale placemaking features, art fabrication and specialty installations. We leverage our team’s unique skills and expertise to develop hyper-creative solutions for anyone looking to build something big, something complicated, or something that’s never been done before.

We're excited by new technologies that help us imagine and visualize our work and the tools that help us stay on track, communicate with our clients and deliver beautiful results. What's the 'secret sauce?' Creative Director and Co-Founder Marcus Guillard shares the secrets of One Hat One Hand.

One Hat One Hand Process
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Estimating & Budgeting

Strategy & Scheduling

Project & Construction Management (includes Permitting, Compliance, QA)



Research & Development

Site Survey

Previsualization & AR/VR



Digital Rendering (includes 3D Modeling & Parametric Design)

Interior Design (includes Procurement, Acquisitions & Curation)

Rapid Prototyping

Integrated Tech (includes Digital Content, Lighting Design, and Circuit Design)



Material Fabrication (includes Millworks, Metal Work, Foam & Plastics)

Finishing (includes Scenic Faux Finishes, Polyurea Hard Coating, Automotive & Industrial)

Digital Fabrication (includes CNC, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting)

Systems Integration & Electrical (includes Custom Lighting, Kinetics & Mechanical, AV)



On-site Construction & GC Services 

White-Glove installation 

Freight, Transportation and Logistics


Ideas are ever-welcome, and we always seek out those who don’t always fit in.


We approach our work with an artistic ethos, promise to keep things funky, maybe somewhat mischievous, and we forever aim to make it magic.


Our personas.  Our differentiators.  Our Handshake...


One Hat One Hand Services and Expertise

From our humble beginnings as Scene 2 to our current digs as One Hat One Hand, our growth has been organic and fueled by our generous clients. Over the years, our scene shops have evolved to a multi-building campus in the Bayview area of San Francisco and One Hat One Hand project teams in Los Angeles, New York and other parts of the country. Ever humble and grateful for the contributions of hundreds of staff that have given us their best work, talents and an all-hands-on-deck attitude, we're growing and winning the type of work we've dreamt about for a long time. 

Areas of Expertise

Public Art

Architectural Placemaking

Product Prototyping

Technological Implementation

Experiential Design

Retail & Hospitality Design

Theming & Placemaking
Workplace Design


CA General Contractor License

San Francisco Local Business Enterprise LBE



Design Team Studio

Metal Fabrication Shop

CNC Studio

Daylight Studio

Technical Integration Studio

Wood Shop

Fabrication Bays

Paint and Finishing Department

Electronics Build Lab

One Hat One Hand Services List

Fine Art Design and Consulting
Public Art Planning and Programming
Project Management
Custom Fabrication
Industrial Design

3D Design
Augmented Reality Design and Clash Detection
Real-time Rendering Previsualization

Immersive Virtual Reality

CAD Modeling (all programs)

Parametric Design

Structural Engineering

Engineering Custom Electronics

Interior Design


Production Design
Technological Integration Services

Exhibit Design

Interactive Art

Lighting Design

Interactive Experiences

Environmental Design


Brand Storytelling

Art Production

Event Production

Artillier Services

Design Permitting Documentation
White-glove Installations
Installation and Logistical Support

Maintenance and Operations Planning

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