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Public Art

One Hat One Hand was presented with the opportunity to design a welcoming sculpture for the Chime Headquarters in San Francisco. Helping our clients realize a project from concept to realization, from fabrication to installation, is a joyful experience.

After a thoughtful and iterative process, we reached out to Bryan Goldenberg, a well-known San Francisco glass artist, to create the mouth-blown individual orbs. Like bubbles created by breath, the orbs visually present captured air. Each orb represents the breath and air in beautiful music, the tempo and sound realization. 

The arrangement of the sculpture speaks to patterns in music like the notation of sheet music arrangement and accentuates the verticality and light within the space.

Caesura, Chime Headquarters


Produced in collaboration with Studios Architecture and Novo Construction.

Sincere thank you to Bryan Goldenberg and the staff at Slow Burn Glass Studio.

Video and Photography Michael Cochran.

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