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Public Art

Sofie Ramos

One of the most delightful parts of Public Art fabrication is having the work on your campus to greet you and cheer you every day. Artist Sofie Ramos presented us with a 1/10 scale model of a highly-stylized slice of cake sculpture. Chocolate Cake with Rainbow Sprinkles is made of steel, wood, acrylic, foam and concrete. This 10-foot-tall sculpture is a ‘playful but complex meditation on decadence, indulgence, and festivity.’

Helping artists create large-scale experiential art requires engineering expertise as well as artistic expertise to realize the artist’s vision in the most truly accurate way possible. Experiential Pop-Art built for people to enjoy and interact with requires Placemaking expertise. Our finishing department has the know-how to make public art resistant to vandalism, UV and temperature protected as well resilient for a long life is the expertise found at One Hat One Hand. 

Sometimes fabrication is a piece of cake.


Art Advisory Dorka Keehn, Keehn on Art

Oxford Properties and City Center Realty Partners, the owners of nearby Public Market Emeryville.

RBHU Engineering

Come visit & take your selfie! Directions to Chocolate Cake with Sprinkles on Top.

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