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Cargo Container

Experiential Design

IRL Productions

Ouya a revolutionary new gaming console, needed to present itself to the world, so they called One Hat One Hand. We created a giant model of the console as a custom prop, which acted as a wall, background, and stage. Ouya’s CEO revealed the new console by stepping out of a 16ft version of it—not a bad way to create some visual recognition! 

We converted a 20 foot shipping container to create a trailer-based plug-and-play unit that can be opened and set up by two people within an hour. One Hat One Hand designed, fabricated, and installed the platform inside a city-block long event tent, along with gaming consoles and custom pedestals. We designed it modularly to be taken apart and reassembled in case of future events and work as a mobile unit for promotional tours. 

Wanna see our shop at work?


Photos courtesy of IRL Productions. Produced in Partnership with IRL Productions.

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