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Public Art

Office of Things

Crescent is a custom light installation in a lobby in the Financial District of San Francisco. The colorful arcs that comprise the project recall the many hills and valleys of the city. As the arcs flip and spin around the structure, they bring a sense of movement to the installation. No two views present the same form. Drawing from the natural pace of celestial events, the color palettes of the installation evolve throughout the day, a subtle nod to the different users of the building.  

The installation’s unique placement gives visitors and passers-by an evolving and magnetic presence. The glowing arcs act as a beacon across the adjacent plaza, welcoming people into its colorful aura. Within the lobby, visitors pass underneath and around the fixture, and as they do so, the array of arcs slip in and out of alignment, framing the clean lines of the rest of the lobby. From the mezzanine balcony, it’s possible to see the installation at eye level as it casts softly colored light into the nearby elevator lobby.

Each day, new colors & patterns of movement sweep across the installation


Fabricated and Installed by One Hat One Hand, Crescent was designed by the team at Office of Things and programmed by the team at Digital Ambiance.

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