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Library Ceiling

Architectural Placemaking

For the future-forward, technologically savvy bibliophile, the ideal lighting is everything. In partnership with one of our favorite collaborators, RAPT Studios, we helped create this state-of-the-art library ceiling.

With light matching the natural color of the sun, the library area becomes a space for relaxation, focus, and wellness. This type of lighting, called Circadian lighting, has numerous benefits to wellness, focus and productivity. The indoor ceiling produces a glass-like greenhouse effect, with the lighting mimicking the human-centric cycle created by natural daylight. On most days, the light matches the natural color of the sun, slowly shifting from 3500K for a morning welcome to 5000K for productive and alert afternoons to 3000K for end-of-day relaxation. 

For special occasions, the controlled lighting can create a desired mood for socialization or focused work. This is achieved through a custom system of LEDs mounted above an acrylic diffusion surface.

A lighted ceiling that shines to inspire learning, reading and revelation


Thank you to our clever and delightful project partners:

Rapt Studios Digital Ambiance

NOVO Construction

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