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Love Letters to SF

Public Art

Shine on San Francisco, SF Parks Alliance, Together SF, Youth Speaks, First Exposures, The City & County of San Francisco & One Hat One Hand

One Hat One Hand had a very small hand in this project, but we're so genuinely proud of it's Social Impact that we just had to share. 

Love Letters to SF  is a traveling art installation that celebrates civic pride and the spirit of San Francisco. Throughout the summer and fall of 2022, Shine On SF asked people throughout the City the question, “What makes SF shine?” Since then they have collected thousands of responses on shimmering handwritten cards at parks, farmers’ markets, parklets and plazas. 

The traveling installation, a symbol of resiliency during the COVID closures and reopenings, has given individuals the opportunity to participate in collaborative art.

What makes San Francisco shine?


Photos by various content creators for Shine on SF.

Learn more about these great organizations:

Shine on San Francisco

SF Parks Alliance

Together San Francisco

Youth Speaks

First Exposures

Thank you to the City & County of San Francisco.

Category, Social Impact

San Francisco Design Week 2022 Honorable Mention Shine on San Francisco

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