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Workplace Design

LMNL Studio, an omnispatial design studio specializing in solutions for workplace, retail, cultural institutions, and municipalities, selected One Hat One Hand as their custom fabrication partner to construct more than 20 unique features for the San Francisco headquarters of Ripple. 

Making complex things happen in a short amount of time is the norm for One Hat One Hand, but executing these very complex designs by LMNL Studio came with a number of challenges. 

This project included all of our favorite things: complex custom finishes, unique technological integrations, a tremendous number of curated art works by Bay Area artists including murals and lighted art installations as well as custom lighted stairs and hanging art installations. 

We navigated convivial collaboration with local Union Labor and the general forklift ballet necessary when many teams show up for one baseball game. 

Workplace fabrication with over 20 custom features and curated artworks


Successful projects come together when everyone works together as a team and we wish to warmly thank our wonderful client Ripple and our partners at Ripple, BCCI Construction Huntsman Architectural Group and LMNL Studio.

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