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Ripple Bench

Art Fabrication

Beth Morris

Our client was looking for furniture that referenced natural forms in some way. Through our design development, we became inspired by the idea of a ripple through water. Working with this idea, we concepted and created a compound curve bench to show movement, while feeling delicate and organic. We designed an internal support structure, and used parametric modeling to easily change design elements to capture our client’s feedback. Sometimes, simple materials can amplify the design intent. We opted to use baltic birch, with its own subtle compound layers, to echo the rippling aesthetic within each piece. To highlight the movement within the wood, we finished it off with a clear gloss coat.  It was important for us to showcase the visual poetry in how this bench was built. The internal structure had a threaded rod running through the entire bench, which functioned as an invisible spine.

Feels like swimming; sits like a bench

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