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Sky Rings

Architectural Placemaking

ZGF Architects

Sky Rings are large-scale acoustic baffles with integrated lighting, bold graphics and a custom felt exterior. Designed by ZGF Architects, the rings were created to use artistic infrastructure to break up a very large space while still accentuating the height. The process required extensive 3D modeling to create immersive previsualization to test placement, lighting effects and how the pieces will look in all different lighting experiences.

"One of the strengths of One Hat One Hand is delivering projects that are imagined, designed then built. We work with the client to maintain the design intent from the project beginning, to capture the vision and what they imagine will be in the space. Form and function go together. We often do make pure art and we often do make pure function but the best is when we can combine a beautiful ascetic with a good function for the space." - Nick Moser, Accounts Director

Successful sky-high outcomes from conversations and collaboration


Architecture ZGF Architects

Engineering Rbhu Engineering and ARUP

General Contractor Swinerton Construction Company Photography by Connie Zhou 

Video by One Hat One Hand

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