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Tip of the Iceberg

Public Art

Melissa "Syn" Barron

One Hat One Hand is so excited to share with you one of the most talked about 2023 Burning Man sculptures created by Mellisa 'Syn' Barron and fabricated by One Hat One Hand (and a team of dedicated volunteers.) 

Tip of the Iceberg is a 30-foot tall, 3D Clitoris sculpture. Fabricated with steel armature, CNC cut foam, and hand-applied stone-like cladding: concrete with embedded stones (river rocks, pyrite, amethyst, and glitter), this project demonstrates our passion and commitment to creating public art that is true to the Artist's vision.

Tip of the Iceberg underscores how this basic female anatomical knowledge was suppressed until recently and that women’s birthright to pleasure and orgasms is still being treated as obscure, tawdry, or irrelevant.

A 30-foot 3D Clitoris sculpture debuting at Burning Man in 2023

We'd like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors for Tip of the Iceberg. Sharing our world at One Hat One Hand was a pelasure and this was certainly a memorable Burn.

Thank you to all the folx that posted these images to Instagram, expeccially Jamen Percy @jamenpercy.burn

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