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Christian Cummings

Project Manager

Christian has been working on large-scale art installations and production for almost 20 years. He has been an Art Director for commercial video shoots, an Event Coordinator, and, since 2003, a heavy-equipment operator at the Burning Man festival, putting up all manner of large art.

In 2010 he joined One Hat One Hand, working as a Fabricator, then Project Manager, and ultimately Production Manager. He also worked with all of the One Hat One Hand side projects, including Psychedelic Friendship Bingo, Peralta Junction, and the Man-tease Experience.

In his spare time, Christian is a musician, and has toured and recorded with The Yard Dogs Road Show, Pony Hunt, and his own band, The Bodice Rippers. He is also a voracious reader, especially of history.

Christian Cummings
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