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Eben Berg

Account Manager

Eben is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer with over seven years of experience spanning art and creative direction, product design, and Experiential Design. Eben helps complex, elegant, and thoughtful ideas come to life, and his attention to detail, empathy and creative thinking all lend themselves to creating intelligent design solutions that aim to delight and inspire.

Previously, as a Designer working at the EPS-Doublet, in Denver, Colorado, Eben specialized in Mobile Marketing Campaigns, Custom Furnishings as well as permanent structures ranging from Placemaking designs for luxury Resorts to multiple-story buildings made from recycled Shipping Containers.

Currently, At One Hat One Hand, Eben has spent the last few years collaborating and designing with clients and peers alike, working on projects blending form and function, all while having a very strong sense of fabrication techniques, integrated technology, and thoughtful materiality. He has collaborated on award-winning designs shown at SF Design Week and loves working with new teams to help see their projects come to life. 

When not designing, Eben is usually exploring California with his film camera, cooking meals with friends, or learning to surf.

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Eben Berg
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