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Marcus Guillard

Chief Creative Director, Founder

Music, magic, art, photography and meaningful conversations fuel the creative drive of Marcus Guillard. Marcus founded One Hat One Hand in 2008 with Chrisray Collins, to build a fabrication company that could deliver the finest in creativity and craft. As an Artist, Marcus designs large sculptures and furniture. Most recently, he collaborated with International Artist Shrine to design and build The Polymorphic Duo, two lighted 50-foot-high outdoor sculptures currently on tour.

Marcus Guillard has over 25 years in the creative industry, having spent 10 years as a commercial photographer and 15 years in design-build. He has worked with film, theater and production companies on massive installations that are outlandish and whimsical while maintaining a high degree of structure and attention to detail.

His skills in set design and photography are echoed in his creation of public art, where he seeks to create unique experiences for each viewer. As a co-founder of One Hat One Hand he is the Creative Director, always pushing ideas to meet our wildest imagination.

Building something big, something that draws people together and something that won’t be soon forgotten have always been the hallmarks of Marcus's design ethos. Recently he's expanded to the metaverse with a new a virtual museum of art called Archai Virtualis.

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Marcus Guillard
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