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The Truth in Fabrication, a One Hat One Hand Blog

From time to time we have something interesting to share so we finally got around to making a blog. This blog will contain opinions, ideas, insights, un-checked facts and undoubtedly a few typos. We hope you as equally forgiving of our flaws as you are generous for stopping to read this.

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Art Fabrication - Design and Integrated Technology

Coming into our 15th year in Business, Chrisray Collins and the team at One Hat One Hand share how our design studio collaborates with our clients leading to excellent outcomes in the world of art fabrication.

Often, what an Architect or even One Hat One Hand might envision for a public space is not really the traditional building business, and the community is not interested in doing a lot of the things that we accomplish. So, we're Happy to fill that niche for the commercial space. The designers have consistently impressed me with their ability to hold or even wear both hats, the designer and the project manager. For the most part, when architects deal with a fabrication shop, they are expected to hand over the drawings and do exactly this. One of our prides and pleasures, frankly, is being able to be involved well higher up the chain, rather than just being the fabrication shop that is told what to do. You know, or when we can't do it, we guide you back to the drawing board. It's a very diverse group of skill sets and backgrounds in the design department, and they genuinely offer a wide range of knowledge that complements the studio as a collective capable of delivering on any type of project a client can bring to us. If you have a crazy idea and don't know how to build and install it, you come to us, and we help you figure it out, always in an economical way. Clients come to us with these ideas, these concepts, and some of them are a little outlandish. But we find a way to make it work and to bring these concepts and visions into reality. We ultimately take on a fair amount of the burden of complication between various mediums of fabrication. We end up getting to drive the creative process in a way that is most feasible for the end result. I do believe that in the world of both architecture and design, we've saved a lot of effort for our clients, minimizing a lot of that potential back and forth.

One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication company specializing in big public art, architectural placemaking, workplace design, product prototyping, experiential design and installation. You might be surprised to learn that we are a General Contractor Licensed in California and offer full-scale design-build and fit-out work. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists, welders & technologists work with artisans, architects, developers & builders to create large-scale placemaking features, art fabrication and specialty installations. One Hat One Hand delivers hyper-creative solutions for anyone looking to build something big, complicated, or never done before.


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