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How do we do it. The unique One Hat One Hand approach to fabrication

How do we do it? Public Art explained by Nick Moser, One Hat One Hand Accounts Director.

When talking with our clients about how we approach art fabrication we often explain it as we work with the client to really get the design intent from the beginning like what is the vision and what we imagine will be in the space. One Hat One Hand specializes in doing the impossible. We specialize in doing mechanical engineering, how we hang them up how we lift them to the structural engineering how they stay together the logistics of shipping and how we build these artworks. To build these seamless works of art we have an amazing team of designers and subject matter experts in metal fabrication, mixed materials, and rigging and we can collaborate to make small models and prototypes then make the bigger piece and talk through the complex issues every step of the way.

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One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication company specializing in big public art, architectural placemaking, workplace design, product prototyping, experiential design and installation. You might be surprised to learn that we are a General Contractor Licensed in California and offer full-scale design-build and fit-out work. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists, welders & technologists work with artisans, architects, developers & builders to create large-scale placemaking features, art fabrication and specialty installations. One Hat One Hand delivers hyper-creative solutions for anyone looking to build something big, complicated, or never done before.

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