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The Truth in Fabrication, a One Hat One Hand Blog

From time to time we have something interesting to share so we finally got around to making a blog. This blog will contain opinions, ideas, insights, un-checked facts and undoubtedly a few typos. We hope you as equally forgiving of our flaws as you are generous for stopping to read this.

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Tahiti Pehrson, Suspended Sculpture Grand Hyatt at SFO, Artist Interview

Artist Tahiti Pehrson is a master of detailed, delicate paper-cutting. One Hat One Hand fabricated his large-scale suspended sculpture public art piece located at the Grand Haytt at SFO. Tahiti Pehrson is known for his hand-cut artwork, effectively building a large-scale “paper-like” sculpture – yet using permanent materials.

To create a suspended form that felt lacelike and would cast shadows on the ground, we iterated with Tahiti on material thickness, finish, and placement to fabricate this large-scale public art suspended sculpture. We also used parametric modeling and augmented reality to pre-visualize the overall sculpture and make adjustments, resulting in a hanging installation that felt fragile but was structurally sound.

" My name is Tahiti Pehrson, and I specialize in creating art through geometric patterns and intricate hand-cut paper. When crafting smaller pieces, I noticed people expressing a desire to immerse themselves within the artwork. This inspired me to consider making it a tangible experience.

The piece displayed at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is titled "Circadian Transit," revolving around the concept of the internal clock and mirroring the sun's journey through windows and across the sky. During the creative process, I carefully portrayed the delicate nature of the paper using a one-handed technique. Some viewers even questioned if the artwork was indeed made of paper due to its lifelike appearance.

To ensure the precise placement of every element, we utilized a physics simulator within our parametric model. My ultimate goal as an artist is to create a sense of comfort and welcome for the viewer through my art."

One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication company specializing in big public art, architectural placemaking, workplace design, product prototyping, experiential design and installation. You might be surprised to learn that we are a General Contractor Licensed in California and offer full-scale design-build and fit-out work. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists, welders & technologists work with artisans, architects, developers & builders to create large-scale placemaking features, art fabrication and specialty installations.

One Hat One Hand delivers hyper-creative solutions for anyone looking to build something big, complicated, or never done before.

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