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Johanna Poethig | Artist Talk

Meaningful conversations with our artist partners fuel our work. In this edition of our One Hat One Hand Artist Talk series, Marcus sits down with Johanna Poethig to dig into her path from painting big murals to creating a sculptural mural called Resilient City. Find inspiration and learn more about the public art process.

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One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication company specializing in big public art, architectural placemaking, workplace design, product prototyping, experiential design and installation. You might be surprised to learn that we are a General Contractor Licensed in California and offer full-scale design-build and fit-out work. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists, welders & technologists work with artisans, architects, developers & builders to create large-scale placemaking features, art fabrication and specialty installations. One Hat One Hand delivers hyper-creative solutions for anyone looking to build something big, complicated, or never done before.

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