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The Truth in Fabrication, a One Hat One Hand Blog

From time to time we have something interesting to share so we finally got around to making a blog. This blog will contain opinions, ideas, insights, un-checked facts and undoubtedly a few typos. We hope you as equally forgiving of our flaws as you are generous for stopping to read this.

  • Writer's pictureCaitlin Jewell

25 Brand Activations the Swifties want at your sporting stadium

“Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game.” - Taylor Swift

The Swifties are coming. What do they want? Brand Activations! When do they want them? Now! Across the country, sporting stadiums are crushing numbers with new generations of fans for both sporting and entertainment events. Whether you offer an open-air stadium or clear-span ceilings, activating your space with Instagramable moments can result in brand recognition and rapid revenue growth.

Do you have a blank space, baby? Let’s write your name:

  1. Instagramable Sculptures

  2. Photo booths

  3. Branded seating

  4. Pavillions

  5. Cargo Container villages

  6. Interactive Art Installations

  7. Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

  8. Food Trucks

  9. Live Music Stages

  10. Pop-up Retail Shops

  11. Themed Decor and Props

  12. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Elements

  13. Outdoor Movie Screens

  14. Workshops and DIY Stations

  15. Graffiti Walls for Interactive Art

  16. Relaxation Zones with Hammocks or Bean Bags

  17. Giant Inflatable Structures

  18. Laser Light Shows

  19. Fireworks Displays

  20. Mobile Charging Stations

  21. Social Media Walls

  22. Silent Disco Areas

  23. Garden and Greenery Displays

  24. Vintage Car Exhibits

  25. 3D Projection Mapping

One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication company that helps businesses develop experiences from the initial pencil sketch through engineering and fabrication. Whether your concept is for retail, live events or sporting stadiums, we bring the experiential expertise to help you refine, design and enhance your offerings. Our in-house services include the carpentry, structural metal work and finishing needed to rapidly prototype, build and install in time for your event!


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