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The Truth in Fabrication, a One Hat One Hand Blog

From time to time we have something interesting to share so we finally got around to making a blog. This blog will contain opinions, ideas, insights, un-checked facts and undoubtedly a few typos. We hope you as equally forgiving of our flaws as you are generous for stopping to read this.

  • Writer's pictureMarcus Guillard

Ideas to Icons: Maintaining the Artist intent

At One Hat One Hand, we take great pride in our role of nurturing artists and supporting their creative processes. Collaborating with artists is at the heart of what we do, and this partnership becomes especially vital in public art. The following core principles guide our work, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining the artist's intent. We explore various aspects that help us turn ideas into iconic works of art.

Supporting Artists' Vision:

  • Collaborative Partner: We understand that working with a specialized fabrication shop like One Hat One Hand is essential for many artists. Public art often demands a unique skill set that not all contemporary artists possess. We bridge the gap by providing technical expertise and the resources needed to bring their vision to life.

  • Preserving Artistic Integrity: Our primary goal is to ensure that the artist's original vision remains intact throughout the fabrication process. We take great care in understanding their artistic intent and work closely with them to maintain the integrity of their creation.

Ideas-to-Icons Maintaining the Artist Intent was presented at CODAworx Summit 20023 by Marcus Guillard & Nick Moser. This blog is a synopsis of the presentation. Listed above are the presentation slides. and videos.

Material Possibilities and Durability:

  • Material Selection: Understanding the vast array of materials available is crucial. We work with artists to choose materials that align with their creative vision and meet the stringent durability and safety requirements essential for public art installations.

  • Durability and Safety Standards: Ensuring that the chosen materials meet industry standards is paramount. Our team combines artistic vision with structural knowledge to create pieces that withstand the test of time while keeping public safety in mind.

Structural Engineering:

  • Technical Expertise: One Hat One Hand boasts a team of structural engineers collaborating closely with artists. This partnership ensures that the chosen design can withstand environmental factors and usage without compromising the artistic intent.

  • Seamless Integration: We bridge the gap between artistic creativity and engineering precision. Structural considerations are seamlessly woven into the artistic process, resulting in a harmonious and enduring final product.

Integrated Technology: How, What, and Why:

  • Technological Innovation: In the modern world, integrating technology into public art is often necessary. We work with artists to identify the 'how,' 'what,' and 'why' of incorporating technology into their creations, ensuring it enhances the artistic experience.

  • Immersive Art: Technology can transform public art into an interactive and engaging experience. Whether it's through lighting, sound, or digital elements, we help artists push the boundaries of their art and create captivating, memorable pieces.

Logistics Around Transportation and Installation:

  • Precision Planning: The logistics of transporting and installing large-scale public art pieces are complex. We take care of the intricate details, from transportation arrangements to the installation process, ensuring a seamless transition from our shop to the installation site.

  • Safety and Efficiency: Ensuring the safety of the public and the artwork itself is a top priority during transportation and installation. Our expertise in logistics minimizes disruptions and efficiency.

Amplifying your voice through visuals and storytelling:

  • Our commitment to project documentation best exemplifies our dedication to showcasing our clients' achievements and amplifying their unique voice and vision. Our process involves comprehensive documentation throughout the project's lifecycle, encompassing hero photographs, videos, and engaging social media storytelling. Our ultimate objective is to elevate our client artists' work to an iconic status.

One Hat One Hand's commitment to maintaining the artist's intent from inception to installation is the cornerstone of our work. By collaborating closely with artists, understanding material possibilities, employing structural engineering, integrating technology, and managing logistics, we turn ideas into iconic works of public art that reflect the artist's vision and stand as enduring symbols of creativity and innovation.


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